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Vintage wardrobe handle zinc hardware pulls antique fitting handle

Top metal hardware manufacturers antique furniture handle pull

china cabinet supplier is a 15 years experienced manufacturer concentrated on producingFurniture hardware,such as pull handles,

glass handle,bath knobs ,decorative knobs,cupboard knobs,dresser knobs,cupboard handles,

wardrobe handles,recessed handles,cabinet handle manufacturer,drawer pulls,ceramic knobsplastic handles,

custom handle and knobs, from China Oubee stainless steel handles manufactuers, you will find something

to suit your style and budget. We have more advantages on making handles in China.

Why choose us:

1.with 15 years of DIY decorative hardware experiences,so we have more ability to develop products according to customers' designs and specifications

2.we are supplying and produceing 20 series including 1000 different items of door hardware,furniture hardware and etc

3.peple R&D department enable us to provide you at least two new items each month and the newest design in market

4.our professional E&P order managment system ensures us delivery on time,and good quality with QCQA

5.our after-sales team ensures you to get response within 24 hours

6.our design and price are most competitive in the market.we protect intellectual property for our customers' designs and idea.

we always give first priority to our customers and then we we can win-win together

7.visiting VIP customer every year,which can let us know more about your market and demand,so as to

provide you customized solution,

especially to deal with your trouble by fact to face

We are good at following surrface finishing and decoration:

1: Electro-plating: includes chrome plated, pearl chrome, nickel plated,brush nickel, satin nickel, antique bronze, classic copper, petwer plated, gold plated, silver plated, AOB and so on.

2: Painting: Oil painting, powder coating painting,different color oil spray.

3: Oxidization: Matter oxidization, bright oxidization.

4: Water transfer printing handles: Makes metal furniture hardware looks like wood, stone and any design you want.


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