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How to select the material of cabinet handles

Selection of products based on the shape and function, mainly using the following materials, and the use of advanced and demanding surface treatment technology for processing accessories:

1, stainless steel

Mainly the use of high-quality stainless steel, the surface can be cast into a mirror, the mirror can be coated with titanium nitride or PVD and other vacuum plated HI-MORE, or stainless steel into wool pattern, but also in its surface paint spray;


2, copper

Polished directly, the product itself has the unique function of antibacterial sterilization, or spray a layer of transparent paint on the surface protection to prevent oxidation. Copper surface we also use a variety of electroplating, bright chromium, sand chrome, sand nickel, titanium, zirconium gold;


3, aluminum

We use high-purity aluminum, the use of anodized surface, the surface can also be used after the sand blasting effect, the color of sand silver or champagne gold, wear-resistant surface corrosion.


4, various types of non-metallic

Widely used non-metallic, various types of high-grade wood, plexiglass, stone, etc., the surface of fine grinding and use of surface anti-bacterial materials.


【Surface Treatment】

The handle surface treatment also has a good variety of ways, according to the different materials handle have different surface treatment, stainless steel surface treatment mirror polishing, surface drawing, plating color; we can also do different surface treatment according to customer requirements.


【Style selection】

Furniture Handles in the matching must pay attention to the door handle should have a more eye-catching with their own style to adapt to choose a shiny and decorated with furniture and furniture to suit the color handle.

1, Product advantages: beautiful products, corrosion-resistant, stylish and elegant, easy assembly, with a strong artistic, decorative, use of modern home decoration is a good choice.

2, the scope of application: real estate development companies, decoration companies, construction, modern large hotels, restaurants, gymnasium, office buildings, private villas, railings railings, furniture, home furnishing companies.

3, Packing: Zhenzhu Mian, carton packaging.

4, Delivery: near the logistics center, with the major logistics companies, shipping convenient and reasonable price.


Made of stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

Glass hole size It is recommended to drill a hole diameter of 12mm-15mm.

Please install the handle again at the end of the fitting.

Clean the handle at least once a week, wipe the dirt with toothpaste.

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