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Three Leaders in Furniture Handle Industry

This article will introduce three top brands for furniture handle.

Hettich is one of the biggest manufacturer of furniture hardware in the world, that's 30 subsidiaries and also agency around the world. And it has developed its own manufacturing unit in the The United States, Europe and Asia. In addition,Hettich is also involved in furniture, white home applicance, retailing, and also DIY area

Hafele is the global distribution switch of hardware accessories. Meanwhile Hafele apply for global purchasing and global income mechanism. To ensure that full range of products and products and services are targeted at the needs of every single specific market. Hafele hardware (China) co., Ltd was start on December 15, 2009, the main items are divided into a couple of types: furniture hardware, building hardware plus electronic entrance program etc. Hafele’s kitchen handle is one kind of famous brand in the market.

FGV is founded in Italia in The late 1940s, mainly engaged in the making of furniture hardware items, which is a furniture hardware brand in Italian and Western market. FGV is committed to give the optimal percentage of answer to the customer. Because of core principle: continuous innovation, the value for some, the FGV furniture handle along with cabinet hardware accessories is one of the most well-known models around the world.

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