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The key points to buy cabinet handles and knobs from China and quality evaluation

1, Look at the handle appearance

Firstly look at the handle surface color and protective film, whether was damaged and scratched. Determine the quality of the handle first from the surface treatment in the fine, good sanding handle should be relatively dim color gives a sense of steady; half sand in the light with the sanding of the transfer of that piece of the separation line should be straight, if the distortion The lines of the song is obviously defective; and good light handle should be color reflection as a mirror, bright and thorough, without the slightest flaw.

2, Try to feel the handles

Good handle, feels should be very comfortable. So when you buy, you can try to touch to see if the surface treatment is smooth, pull up smoothly; good handle edge should be done smoothing, there is no stubble stub hands, cut the hand situation.

3, Listen to the sound of the handle

Some of the unethical manufacturers on the market, cut corners, in the handle tube filled with cement or welding iron or sand, giving a heavy feeling to deceive consumers. Distinguish between low-grade handle can be identified from the sound, with a soft device gently tapping the handle, thick enough to handle the handle should be more crisp, and thin tube is relatively boring.

4, Check the screw hole around the area

Select the handle, you need to pay attention to the point, the best choice around the screw hole area larger handle. The smaller the area around the handle hole, the more accurate the handle hole on the plate, otherwise a slight deviation will result in the handle hole being exposed. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, need to pay attention to the time of purchase to see the handle around the screw hole area is too small.

5, Choose the brand certificate

Famous brand, of course, superior quality. So when to purchase, the best choice of reputable brand products. Oubee Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional Cabinet Handle manufacturer from China. Our main products are Cabinet Handles, Furniture Handles, Cabinet Knobs. Our Slogen is to help the worldwide family to live high-quality home life, With nearly 12 years of efforts, Oubee became into Chinese famous Cabinet Handle Supplier.We’d like to cooperate with companies from all over the world. We hope our products are helpful to your business. And we look forward to hearing from you.

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